Welcome to Gorgeous Guinea's.

Hi there.... and welcome to my little place on the web that is dedicated to my beloved Long haired Cavy's.  My name is Beverly and live in Pakenham, Victoria...along with my Partner Luke, three children and a menagery of spoilt four legged creature's.

I have owned Cavy's/Guinea pigs for as long as I can remember....being the animal lover I am they have alway's been a favorite pet of mine to own. My earliest memorie's are of a very young child waking up early in the morning still being in my pyjama's, half asleep and racing out the backdoor with a bag of vegie's to feed the awaiting herd of noisy piggies.... and another peeking in all the nest boxes to see if there were any new babies born over night!!.  

For the past 10 years I have been breeding pedigree Long haired Cavy's, working with a variety of breeds - Peruvian, Alpaca, Texel, Merino, Sheba Mini Yaks and recently the Coronet. The Peruvian would have to be an all time FAVOURITE of mine.... a long, straight, silky, smooth flowing coat....   one could only dream of.
( Especially if you have unruly curly hair!!! - like me ) 

My Cavy's are housed in large herd type pens with tunnels, boxes, upside down plant pots and an abundance of fresh hays to keep them happy and active. They are a very playful & curious creaure and enjoy exploring new thing's, which is very entertaining to watch. After their early morning feed on weather permitting days their pens are opened and allowed to free range on our lawn to graze on the green grass.

Anyway....Hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact me with any questions about owning a pet Cavy/Guinea pig or enquirie's about up coming babies. 
The website will be updated regularly with new pics and info.
Don't forget to sign my guestbook as I would love to hear from you!!

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Lauren | Reply 06.12.2014 00.08

Hi I'm after a male alpaca doesn't have to be a baby, I have 2 girl alpacas that I need a male to put over them

Wendy | Reply 30.04.2014 04.10

Can they be dilivered to the USA

Alyson | Reply 07.03.2014 17.31

Was wondering if you could email please, in regards to what is currently available for sale. Im looking at getting two baby guinea pigs. thanks

Paige | Reply 27.02.2014 13.31

This is very useful for me... Thanks

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11.12 | 12:35

Hi, I would like to know if you had any sheba and texel baby boars for sale. I am quite new to the world of Guinea Pigs but am finding them delightful!

06.12 | 00:08

Hi I'm after a male alpaca doesn't have to be a baby, I have 2 girl alpacas that I need a male to put over them

02.12 | 20:06

Hi, I am looking for a peruvian baby boy, wondering do you have one avaliable now or in the coming future? Thanks!

29.11 | 02:41

Hi, I'm interested in a Peruvian pig, is possible for me to somehow buy one from you?

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